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Casa Pablos Salsa Tortilla Chips

Savor the taste and flavor of Casa Pablos Salsa all natural tortilla chips. We prepare our fresh chips daily using the finest, all-natural ingredients. Our whole-kernel, yellow corn is slow cooked and stone ground with hand-cut traditional lava stones to make soft masa dough. We process the masa into corn tortillas which are then cut and fried into our crisp, all-natural tortilla chips. Enjoy the authentic flavor of Casa Pablos Salsa traditional tortilla chips!

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  1. I have left a couple phone messages on the number listed and have not heard anything back. Are you still in business? I used to be able to get the salsa from Costco in missoula, Helena and IGA in Florence. I ship it to my brother in Friday Harbor Washington. We grew up going to the restaruant with our parents for years and continued there as young adults with our dates. Then, BAM. It was closed. At least the salsa appeared. Now it cannot be found anywhere. Not to mention my brother has been awaiting him monthly shipment from me. Please inform me as to your status. Thanks so much!

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